Pricing Your Work

Each artwork submitted should have a retail price (including VAT if applicable).

The price will be price banded (under £150, £150 to £350, £350 to £500, over £500 or  available ‘on request from the artist’.

The price is for you to put forward and should take into account cost of producing the work (including your time, materials and overheads), your status as an artist (i.e. your profile/exposure) and the current market rates for selling artwork.  If you have any questions about how to cost and price your work, we work in partnership with Marie Milligan Coaching, who specializes in coaching creative professionals to work self-employed and set up their own business.  Connect with Marie via LinkedIn, where you’ll see her vast experience in coaching creatives, or on Twitter.  Contact her at if you want to know more about how she can help you.