Declan Fallon is an Architect and founder of Beep Group. His interest in art and the process of art were instilled early on and at Glasgow School of Art studying architecture. He collects mainly paintings. He is inspired by great art, colour and composition. He says great art when viewed through a gallery window has the ability to block out the whole street. Recent aquisitions include photography by co-founder Emma Robinson and a painting by Vincent Hewett. Declan is based in London and when not working or chasing his two year old son around likes to travel.
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  1. Declan Fallon says:
  2. Hi Declan ! :)

    My name is Natia Kldiashvili, I’m Georgian artiste from Tbilisi.

    Twenty years ago I was inspired to create a piece of art from objects surrpunding me. As I began to work I blindly follwed my hands, almost instintively, as it was not clear to my mind what they were creating. The power of expression, and its instinctive nature, continues to be my driving force. The years have refined my work as I have grown as an artist, and as a person
    . The diversity and creativity of the world around me has been a tremendous source of inspiration, and has given me the confidence to put my art on display for all to see.

    With my artwork, I express my spiritual state of mind, as well as my impressions. What i offer is a completely different style – I combine painting, drawing,sculpture, assemblage, pop-art, clip art, and abstraction – and as a result a stimulating “product” is born. I never plan ahead what material or what technique to use, moreover, when I am working on a large-scale piece it is almost impossible to grasp the complete picture until I have finished and can step back to unveil what my hands have created. The instinctive nature of expression remains central to my work.

    An important aspect of my art are the mirrors I use to bring light to my pieces in the form of specks and reflections. The light is the positive energy and love that I feel during my work. The reflections are of every viewer involuntarily becoming part of, and contributing to, the art. My pieces are incomplete without the energy and consciouness of my audience. That is exactly why I want my creations to be on display for as many people as possible so that they can extend their positive energy, feelings, and love. I invite the whole world to see them.

    Tell me what do you think about it and I can send you some photos of my work.