ZOELone! was born in 1975, he is based in London, UK. Experimented with a variety of artistic techniques, everything from, water colors, oils, acrilics, making sculptures and reliefs to experimental abstract painting.

Studied fine art at college and graduated as an art teacher and qualified graphic designer. Thanks to his well known artist teachers he improved his knowledge in fine art techniques and learned the essential basics of fine art such as art anathomy, art history and how to apply them in his work. During this time he was exposed to a variety of spray can art too. This form of cultural expression and art deeply affected his way.
He has also visited several European countries, California, Mexico, and the Caribbeans to enrich his knowledge of art and the cultures in those regions. His style is a result from all these experiences in life traveling and interest in other cultures, and the contrast between past and present.

The paintings are made with high quality spraycans without using stencils. The size of the canvaces is 70×100 cm.