Merle Sild was born in Estonia 1960 and has spent the last 11 years living and painting in places such as the USA, Spain, Finland and UK. She has studied in The Art School of Tartu (by talented estonian artists Laine Pukk and Silvia Jo`gever) and in the USA Kaleidoscope Art School, IL, Chicago. In addition, she has gained experience under professional artists in Finland, Estonia and Spain. (favorites Anne Vasar and Monica del Norte.) She started exhibiting her art in 2004 in Finland and since then she has presented 18 personal exhibitions in Finland, Estonia, Spain and England. In summer 2009 she moved to Cambridge and in December 2009 she presented my painting series of “Home is in the Middle of Everything” in the Anglia Ruskin Gallery winterexhibition. During all this years her paintings has been sold to Japan, Australia, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Israel, Spain and England.
In 2010 “Mytho” she released her first novel “References”, which talks about the lives of women who work in the homes in North England, their relationships and describes how Alzheimer is handled amongst them. 
Her last exhibition in Michaelhouse  Centre, Cambridge, presented her new paintings of nature, flowers, (mostly fascinated orchids )mysterious landscapes with old castles, views of East Anglia and good emotions in sensational yet humble colours.  She calls her work like travelling trough the seasons, memories and dreams.