The art of Khush (Tr!p) is mainly graffiti style but influenced by all styles of art in general. His tag is TR!P.  He has had an interest in art as a kid at the age of 6 or 7 and is self taught. He started by looking through books and comics watching cartoons, looking at mainly how the character or object was drawn and just straight up copyed it, once he got the hang of it from positions and details of what he was copying he eventually tried to create his own style with what he had learned and picked up. As he got older he chose Art in high school and enjoyed it and learned what he could but felt that there were too many rules to follow so he just kept it his way, the way he was used to but adding the knowledge gained in art class. He also studied Interior Design for three years which let him gain a new technique with the perspective and 3d drawings which he uses a lot in his paintings now.
See Khush develop his style here at BeepGroup.