Jeremy Burns was born in Chicago Illinios in 1981, but moved to England where he was raised. He now lives in Ayr, balancing his time between his work as an artist and as a musician.

Oils are his preferred medium when painting and he often favours pastel pencils when drawing, due to their soft tones and accuracy. Although portraits and figures have been his main focus, he is now producing and developing abstract work inspired by cubism, and looks forward to taking it further.

If you are interested in commissioning artwork from Jeremy, then please get in touch via the contact page and he will get back to you as soon as possible. Visit

One Response to “Jeremy Burns”

  1. beepgroup says:

    Hi Jeremy, I also exhibit on Beepgroup but I had to take time to tell you that I think your work is amazing and I refer to your portrait work in particular. The Jimi Hendrix depiction is as good as I’ve seen anywhere and in case nobody had thought to say to you, I’m saying it, I am soooo envious of such fine work. Regards Alan Coulter.