James Millward was initially introduced to art as a teenager when he was taught how to paint watercolour landscapes by Cumbrian artist Monte Christopherson in the Lake District. James has continued to paint on and off ever since,  however some years ago he was drawn towards expressing himself through  sculpture. His continued fascination with Sculpting has revealed some incredible and unique pieces of wood art.

Each sculpture is individual in its own right, his inspiration is as random and erratic as nature itself and the variety of  concepts behind his work reflects this quality. His subject matter is heavily influenced by scientific concepts and microscopic  biological forms and textures.

The artist’s intentions are  to reveal and release the emotion and mystery of the invisible as well as the visible using the medium of wood with a reductive process of carving and sanding to draw out beautiful and unique  contemporary sculpture.

Find out more about James at http://lozeris.blogspot.co.uk/  and at his web site www.jimsculpture.co.uk

James’ work in progress can be viewed in BeepGroup Studi0.

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