David Bailey is 46, born in England from Jamaican parents he started painting when he was 7.
He likes to observe every day situations and create paintings that reflect society. Like a biography of pictures or a diary his sketch books are used to capture what he sees around him, recording what’s going on both outside in the world and inside him. Influenced by Chris Ofili, Picasso, Hogarth he saturates his paintings with colour as an expression of life – not everything in simple Black and White and uses abstraction and reaslism to convey his message.
Throughout his life he has experienced racism and injustice – he uses his cultural identity as a focal point to emphasise who he is. As a young man he found himself on the other side of the law and spent time in prison but turned his life around, became a youth worker, started to paint images that hopefully could inspire other young people, painted iconic people from Black Magazines.  More recently he obtained a degree BA Honours in Fine Arts. He continues to do community work with young people, teaching them how to silk screen and finds time to do face painting at cultural events.  What he finds important is equality, truth and justice. David lives in Stonebridge, North West London.

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  1. Declan Fallon says:

    Hi David
    Have you produced any new work recently?